Find on our site for sale a wide choice of Moroccan takchita that will allow you to shine during your events such as weddings, engagements, hallal, henna, hallel.

But also during your circumcisions, oriental parties, associative parades, Moroccan style parties, oriental costumes, oriental theme carnival. Moroccan or oriental themed evening. Moroccan costumes.

The takchita is a Moroccan oriental dress which is composed of at least two pieces. A sleeveless caftan and one over caftan.

The takchita is worn at large weddings and large sumptuous parties.

The takchita is the two-piece or three-piece caftan version. It is essential when you go to a big wedding. The takchita is generally made in richly embroidered precious fabrics. It requires many hours of craftsmanship. The takchita is perfected with a beautiful handcrafted belt (mdama) made entirely by hand by a skilled master craftsman.

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