Caftan with high collar in brocade and silk satin.

Colours: sky blue, gold

Ultra-feminine and elegant for a wedding or a formal evening, this superb long-sleeved, high-necked kaftan will be perfect paired with a corded hijab.

Both chic and fashionable, this dress is composed of a top cinched by a belt, harmoniously structured, the silk satin skirt brings a lighter and fluid touch.

Caftan in sky blue brocade gold reboched, lined, high collar, silk satin skirt, everything is worked with a gold and blue sfifa. Coordinated silk thread belt, jewel stones.




Caftan with brocade collar

Color: ivory, green, gold

If you are looking for a kaftan dress for casual evenings, you should take the time to discover this model. Simple, elegant and practical, it will be super pleasant for the summer.

One-piece kaftan in ivory silk satin, with collar in green brocade rebrocaded in beige and gold, two-tone green and gold artisanal embroidery. Moroccan sfifa finish with two-tone green and gold aqaads.

Handmade brocade belt with brooch, with braiding, double hook system and matching lace.




Straight and short kaftan dress with fancy collar

Color: Black and beige 

Dare to be modern and original with this fresh and light dress. In black duchess satin, it will refine your silhouette by revealing the beauty of your shoulders thanks to its brocade collar.
His belt will finish to perfect the size.




Caftan with brocade collar 

Color: black, beige

If you are looking for a kaftan dress for casual evening, you should take the time to discover this model. Simple, elegant and practical, it will be super pleasant for the summer. One-piece kaftan in black silk satin, with beige brocade collar. Black, gold and rhinestone braid, Moroccan sfifa finish with two-tone black and gold aqaads. Handcrafted brocade belt, with braiding, double hook system and matching lace.




Current and light caftan dress (note different top fabric pattern, see photo 6)

Colors: beige, gold

Elegance in complete freedom! The real secret of elegance often lies in the greatest simplicity. Delicacy in the cut, fluidity in the fabric, few things are enough to highlight the natural grace that a woman possesses.

With this short-sleeved dress, all the criteria are met. Its asymmetrical neckline, underlined by an original cutout, brings great visual softness while magnifying the shoulders.

Its fitted cut on the bust and its chest darts elegantly emphasize the curve of the chest and its length will refine your silhouette.

Adjusted and curved, it accompanies your gait without hindering it and helps you to feel confident in all circumstances. It is with this type of discreet detail that you will mark your difference.

Bustier kaftan in beige silk satin, worked with sfifa and aqaads. On embroidered lace kaftan, silver rhinestones, plain beige muslin.

Coordinated belt.




One-piece caftan, stand-up collar, full pleated skirt

Colors: yellow, purple, fuchsia

The sober cut of this bi-material kaftan will highlight the silhouette with a lengthening effect, very flattering for the line.

Comfortable with its long sleeves, this kaftan is as practical as it is elegant.

Worn soberly with a hijab, it gives a serious look.

At a wedding, you can accessorize it to give it a little more fantasy: pair it with jewelry and a bag in a contrasting color.

One-piece kaftan in purple lace, stand-up collar, pleated skirt. Everything is worked with a sfifa and matching aqaads.

Coordinated belt with jewel stones




Yellow embroidered caftan, fluid and comfortable

Color: Yellow, fushia

Wearing a yellow dress gives an incredibly bright and radiant look. Waisted and fitted cut, short sleeves this one-piece caftan will enhance your figure.

It also brings a beautiful romantic touch thanks to its fuchsia floral embroidery, its fabric belt to tie at the waist finishes perfecting this fluid and light caftan which will be your ally during your beautiful summer evenings.

This caftan will be accompanied by a pretty pair of fuchsia pumps for a chic looc

Caftan in yellow silk satin, with princess cut at the bust. Handcrafted fuchsia embroidery. Loose skirt composed of many pleats 7 meters of fabric.

Fuchsia silk satin belt.




Moroccan traditional caftan

Color: Green, cream

Certain fluid styles sometimes have a fascinating power of seduction. This is the case of this simple kaftan with a traditional cut that gives us a casual and relaxed look.

Thanks to its fluid material, this Moroccan caftan is extremely comfortable and pleasant to wear and will be particularly appreciated during the summer period.

Perfect expression of freedom and movement, this dress is a perfect choice whatever the nature of your events.