Short Modern Caftan Dress

Colors: Mauve, Green

This caftan is crafted from a fluid mauve crepe, imparting it with a delicate and lightweight texture. The mauve hue adds a touch of softness and elegance, creating a perfect balance between tradition and modernity.

The short length of the caftan gives it a contemporary allure, making it ideal for special occasions or formal events. The high neck adds a sophisticated note, highlighting the finesse of the silhouette.

The Moroccan artisanal finish brings an authentic and handmade feel to this unique piece. Artisanal details such as delicate embroideries, typical buttons, and the master artisan's belt reflect traditional Moroccan craftsmanship, adding a cultural and artistic dimension to this caftan dress.

The combination of mauve and green, the high neck, and the artisanal finishes create a harmonious balance between modernity and tradition, making this caftan a distinctive and elegant piece that will capture attention at any special occasion.

Brand MODE & CAFTAN Delivery Time 15/20 open Days Reference PARME
Genre woman
Age Adult

At "Mode et Caftan Design", we offer you exclusive creations, available only with us. With each new collection, we take pride in presenting you with original and carefully crafted designs, along with high-quality fabrics, ensuring you a unique and refined experience.

We are committed to providing you with exceptional quality products. That's why all our items are manufactured in Morocco, the birthplace of the ancient caftan craftsmanship, adhering to ethical and supportive standards throughout our production chain.

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- Please hand wash or machine wash, preferably in a laundry bag and using the delicate cycle.

- Gently wring out excess water.

- Avoid machine drying.

- Do not use bleach.

- Lay flat to dry.

- Professional dry cleaning is recommended for optimal maintenance.

The PARME caftan is made with a flowing mauve-colored crepe material. Its light and delicate textures ensure your comfort.

The short size of the kaftan gives it a modern and contemporary touch. Handcrafted finishes highlight the authenticity of this piece. Embroidery details, buttons and a belt add creativity to this dress.

The perfect mix between mauve and green alternate between harmony and tradition making this dress a distinctive piece for special occasions.

Our items are handcrafted in Morocco. The delivery time varies between 48 hours or 10 to 20 days depending on the stock status.

Category MORROCAN TOUCH Brand MODE & CAFTAN Delivery Time 15/20 open Days Reference PARME
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