Embroidered tulle kaftan, fitted cut 

Color: beige, blue, green, pink

Ideal for an elegant and elongated look, this kaftan in embroidered tulle lace seduces us with its flattering and feminine cut. We love its rounded neckline and its variety of colors that will allow you to combine different accessories according to your desires and occasions. Even more, we are under the charm of its cut, close to the body, which knows how to highlight our waist and gratifies us with a silhouette of the most flattering.




Pink lace caftan with long sleeves.

Colours: Pale pink, bronze

Sporting an irreproachable cut, this kaftan, straight cut is a must in any wardrobe.

We love its cut, adjusted by its princess seams, which feminizes the look with class.

We also appreciate its thin belt accessorized with a brooch and stones, as well as the care given to details such as the darts at the back for a fitted cut.

Play the refinement card by wearing this piece of style during your weddings, ceremonies, family celebrations.

Sleeveless kaftan in pale pink silk satin, pink lace kaftan with silver touch. Coordinated belt.




Caftan with high collar in brocade and silk satin.

Colours: sky blue, gold

Ultra-feminine and elegant for a wedding or a formal evening, this superb long-sleeved, high-necked kaftan will be perfect paired with a corded hijab.

Both chic and fashionable, this dress is composed of a top cinched by a belt, harmoniously structured, the silk satin skirt brings a lighter and fluid touch.

Caftan in sky blue brocade gold reboched, lined, high collar, silk satin skirt, everything is worked with a gold and blue sfifa. Coordinated silk thread belt, jewel stones.




Pink lace kaftan, slim fit

Color: pink, silver

The sober cut of this Moroccan kaftan highlights the silhouette with a lengthening effect, very flattering for the line,

comfortable with its long sleeves, this takchita is as practical as it is elegant.

Worn soberly, it gives a serious look. For very festive occasions, you can accessorize it for him

offer a little more cachet: combine it with jewelry and a bag in a contrasting color.

For more chic, wear very high elegant pumps and a feminine evening clutch.




Light and modern kaftan dress

Colors: ivory, green, gold

Want a light and very feminine caftan? Let yourself be seduced by the romantic spirit of this very original model.

With its short sleeves, cutout at the shoulders, this oriental dress will not fail to exalt those who like to express their uniqueness with femininity.

It's hard not to fall in love with its materials, both delicate and light as a caress, with its sensual cut and bold prints.

Caftan in ivory silk satin, brocade and muslin worked with gold and green sfifa. Coordinated belt with jewel stones.




Lace Evening Kaftan Dress

Colours: Nacarat

Timeless style and sophisticated details are the signs of a quality piece to have in a wardrobe worthy of the name.

A mixture of clean lines and originality, this pretty creation perfectly meets these essential characteristics.

Featuring a fitted cut and a cinched waist, this kaftan for women, with a boat neckline, will structure your silhouette for a most flattering effect.

We appreciate the care given to its neckline, and we especially love its sublime and original color for a most elegant style.

We also like its fitted cut with its darts that subtly highlight the curve of the chest. A refinement amplified by its very contemporary material which gives this chic and feminine kaftan a discreet and effective fantasy.




Two-piece close-fitting kaftan with lace high neck

Color: white, yellow

What a look! Do you dream of a dress that will highlight your figure while remaining correct during family events? The Dakota kaftan is made for you!

This long dress with a fitted cut and a high collar will be ideal for those who wish to wear a turban or a hijab. Sculpting the silhouette, your look will be more than chic and glamorous.

Accompanied by a pair of pumps and a clutch, you will make a remarkable entrance at a party or a wedding.

Kaftan in white silk satin and embroidered tulle lace, with pearls and stress.

Matching belt with stones




Takchita flowery, elegant and chic

Colors: white, pink, green...

A chic and flowery caftan dress. An elegant dress, made in a floral and comfortable fabric for freedom of movement.

Cinched by princess seams, the one cut is adjusted for a chic and stylish look.

Sleeveless kaftan in white silk satin, on a floral Indian cotton kaftan dotted with small translucent sequins.

Jewel belt coordinated with jewel stones.




Floral modern kaftan, original cut

Colors: ivory, purple, green, orange

Really wise with long sleeves, a cut that perfectly matches your figure, it reveals just what is needed.

Irresistible, its spring print brings gaiety and joy. We like the fluid sleeves tightened at the wrist and the adjustment of its cut at the bust.

Bustier kaftan in ivory silk satin. Kaftan dress in fabric printed with flowers. Silk satin on the sleeves. Everything is worked with a Moroccan sfifa and its matching artisanal buttons.

Matching belts adorned with jeweled stones




Kaftan cut out at the shoulders, in water green lace

Colors: water green, pink

This takchita with a minimalist look, gives an elegant silhouette, it will reveal the beauty of your shoulders to offer you a stylish and effortless look.

This pretty fitted dress with a sleek silhouette, very chic, and subtly highlighted by its contrasting pink belt.

This one-piece kaftan is in water green beaded lace and water green silk satin. Stylish cutout at the shoulders, fitted bust, all perfect with a Moroccan artisanal finish. Belt made of silk thread and embellished with jewel stones.




One-piece close-fitting kaftan with lace high neck

Color: water green, silver

What a look! Do you dream of a dress that will highlight your figure while remaining correct during family events? The Dakota caftan is made for you!

This long dress with a fitted cut and a high collar will be ideal for those who wish to wear a turban or a hijab. Sculpting the silhouette, your look will be more than chic and glamorous.

Accompanied by a pair of pumps and a clutch, you will make a remarkable entrance at a party or a wedding.

Kaftan in ice green silk satin and embroidered tulle lace, with stones and rhinestones.

Matching belt with brooch




Current and light caftan dress (note different top fabric pattern, see photo 6)

Colors: beige, gold

Elegance in complete freedom! The real secret of elegance often lies in the greatest simplicity. Delicacy in the cut, fluidity in the fabric, few things are enough to highlight the natural grace that a woman possesses.

With this short-sleeved dress, all the criteria are met. Its asymmetrical neckline, underlined by an original cutout, brings great visual softness while magnifying the shoulders.

Its fitted cut on the bust and its chest darts elegantly emphasize the curve of the chest and its length will refine your silhouette.

Adjusted and curved, it accompanies your gait without hindering it and helps you to feel confident in all circumstances. It is with this type of discreet detail that you will mark your difference.

Bustier kaftan in beige silk satin, worked with sfifa and aqaads. On embroidered lace kaftan, silver rhinestones, plain beige muslin.

Coordinated belt.




Caftan with brocade collar

Color: ivory, green, gold

If you are looking for a kaftan dress for casual evenings, you should take the time to discover this model. Simple, elegant and practical, it will be super pleasant for the summer.

One-piece kaftan in ivory silk satin, with collar in green brocade rebrocaded in beige and gold, two-tone green and gold artisanal embroidery. Moroccan sfifa finish with two-tone green and gold aqaads.

Handmade brocade belt with brooch, with braiding, double hook system and matching lace.




One-piece caftan, stand-up collar, full pleated skirt

Colors: yellow, purple, fuchsia

The sober cut of this bi-material kaftan will highlight the silhouette with a lengthening effect, very flattering for the line.

Comfortable with its long sleeves, this kaftan is as practical as it is elegant.

Worn soberly with a hijab, it gives a serious look.

At a wedding, you can accessorize it to give it a little more fantasy: pair it with jewelry and a bag in a contrasting color.

One-piece kaftan in purple lace, stand-up collar, pleated skirt. Everything is worked with a sfifa and matching aqaads.

Coordinated belt with jewel stones



Mode & Caftan est la seule marque de caftans marocains qui vous propose de vrais tailles occidentales adaptées à votre morphologie :

Fini les caftans trop grands et mal ajustés, Mode & Caftan concoit et fabrique pour vous des robes orientales à la bonne taille ! Que vous soyez menue, ronde, grande ou petite, vous trouverez ici la robe de soirée marocaine qui vous ira parfaitement. 

MODE & CAFTAN est un site pure player : 

Nous vendons nos articles exclusivement en ligne via notre boutique internet. Cela nous permet de vous proposer des caftans et takchitas de qualité à des prix très compétitifs directement livrés chez vous. Notre atelier dédié nous permet de réduire les coûts de productions en étant l'acteur unique de toute la chaîne de production. En réduisant les acteurs et les coûts, vous bénéficier d'une vente directe producteur. Cette stratégie gagnant gagnant, nous permet de nous concentrer sur l'essentiel, à savoir la qualité de l'article pour qu'il vous apporte une totale satisfaction.

MODE & CAFTAN vous livre dans les délais :

Parceque nous savons que votre achat est important et que vous l'attendez avec impatience pour le porter lors de votre mariage, fiancaille, hallal, circoncision ou autres fêtes...Mode & Caftan met tout en oeuvre pour respecter vos dates butoires.

MODE & CAFTAN, la marque :

Caftans de création par excellence, nos vêtements fabriqués dans la pure tradition marocaine, sont le fruit de la passion et de l’amour de deux cultures différentes, l’orient et l’occident.

L'excellence est un savoir être. C'est l'élégance d'une attitude, c'est l'envie de tendre vers le meilleur, tout en restant modeste et constant. L'excellence c'est le tout petit détail qui rompt l'indifférence et fait la différence.

C'est avec cette philosophie que les acteurs de "Mode et Caftan Design" travaille depuis 2009.

Avec un style élégant et tendance, Mode et Caftan révolutionne la mode orientale, en lui apportant un nouveau souffle inspiré de la plus grande des coutures du monde, la haute couture française.

Vous sont proposées par nos stylistes dédiées, des tenues du soir raffinées pour chaque évènements de la vie et profiter ainsi, pleinement de vos instants de joies et de bonheurs.

Mariages, fiançailles, fête de « l’Aid », grand repas, circoncision, « Aquiqua », réception...A chaque occasion une raison de se parer d’une de nos tenues pour que la tradition perdure et que vous puissiez transmettre un patrimoine ancestral.

Que vous soyez à Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon, Marseille, Lille, Strasbourg, Metz, Nancy, ou dans toutes autres villes de France, recevez votre caftan de qualité tranquillement chez vous en toute sécurité. 

MODE & CAFTAN, nos atouts : 

-Une marque française détentrice de son propre atelier de confection au Maroc

-Des articles de qualité, avec le soucis du détail et du confort.

-Une réactivité unique dans le secteur et des délais respectés.

-Un service de conseils personnalisés disponibles à la demande.

-Un service après vente humain, répondant à vos attentes

Renseignements et conseils personnalisés au 06-44-31-69-25.



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