Lace and chiffon kaftan

Colors: ivory, pink, silver

Discover the extraordinary Lace and Chiffon Caftan, a perfect harmony of exquisite lace and the ethereal lightness of chiffon. Immerse yourself in a world of sophistication and grace, where sublime shades of ivory, rose, and silver intertwine in an elegant symphony.

This masterpiece of haute couture subtly blends contemporary refinement with respect for ancient traditions. Its understated and discreet allure unveils a tailored cut that enhances the feminine silhouette with unparalleled grace.

The Brume de Rose Caftan is meticulously crafted using exceptional fabrics. The ivory silk satin offers exquisite softness, gently caressing the skin like a light touch. The ivory chiffon, on the other hand, adds an airy fluidity to every movement, leaving a trail of grace behind you.

Delicately applied, the premium quality lace adds a touch of romance and delicacy to this sumptuous creation. Every detail is meticulously thought out, with each motif showcasing the expertise of master couturiers.

To perfect this sartorial masterpiece, an ornamental belt highlights the waist, providing a final touch of sophistication. It elevates the ensemble, creating a harmonious and elegant silhouette.

Please note that the Brume de Rose Caftan is an extremely limited edition, making it a unique and exclusive piece. By wearing this creation, you will be guaranteed to showcase a rare and precious garment, a testament to your exquisite taste and appreciation for exceptional pieces.

Let yourself be captivated by the enchantment of the Brume de Rose Caftan, where elegance meets tradition and beauty flourishes in every detail. A gown that will transport you to a world of timeless glamour and eternal femininity.


Delivery Time 24H/48H Reference BRUME DE ROSE


-Made in Morocco

-Solidarity trade

The delivery time varies between 48h and 15/20 days depending on availability.

If the date of the event is close, please contact us to confirm if we are able to accede to your request.

-Hand or machine wash with net in hand cycle.

-Gentle spin

-Do not tumble dry

-Do not bleach

-Dry flat

-Professional dry cleaning recommended.

Our items are handcrafted in Morocco. The delivery time varies between 48 hours or 10 to 20 days depending on the stock status.

Category TAKCHITA Delivery Time 24H/48H Reference BRUME DE ROSE
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